Where ithistorically has been and this kind ofevaluation can last for a long time andby a long time. I don’t mean six months Imean you know  years or morepotentially and basically right now .

What we’ve seen is that with the interestrates you know being solo are globally more or less the worldhas gone on a quest to search for yield .

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That’s because people can release itin cash right now and so being in cashyou know your inflation .

Taxes reallyeating your money up so people canrelease it in cash long-term .

They’vebasically looked for for yield for boththe knowledge that their money isearning them more plus being you know inan asset that has the potential to go upit’s like a dual benefit and for those .

That need to actually live on the yieldof their assets it’s ideal for them tobe in an asset class.

That isn’t justgiving like a pure yield without anypotential for capital growth and by that.

I mean something like cash further tothat ideal is something that has anearnings yield that can potentially youknow increase over time and there’sagain something that.

That cash doesn’tpresent to you so basically with thatyou know there’s been this very strongsearch for yielding assets that providesome safety if you will now if we’re tosort of talk about options .

There bondsfor example you know have traditionallybeen a relative safe haven depending onwhat you look at yields you know havebeen in some cases decent obviously thehigher risk.

The higher their yieldgovernment bonds you know offer verylittle yield but you know much moregenerally in terms of safety thatobviously depends on

What governmentwere talking about but that’s basicallyyou know where things kind of sit interms of at the moment you know bondsare just very expensive in pretty muchevery circumstance and that’s becausepeople .


That Property Valuation Sydney might be thinking about doing something have Property Valuation Sydney been sitting on the sidelines so in terms of.


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This consensus he points to a few things you know over the last 10 years that have . That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to line up with results and men.

10 Fact For Property Valuation Sydney

I suppose had an effect on where consensus has been and sort of a bit of a myth-busting thing Property Valuation Sydney I don’t know he’s kind of talking about how where consensus was in .

  • The past and how it didn’t actually line up with results and how consensus today is probably down but
  • Both believe it’s really important that you do your own research that you look into
  • the data to make a decision but also have a property investing strategy .
  • That kind of can work in almost any market and so you want to protect yourself there but
  • we also do believe in market trends and investing wisely and so .
  • That’s why we kind of want to go through this data today so we will Li link up to the article down below .
  • so you can go ahead and check it out and read through it yourself if you.
  • Want to let’s go through these what they’re calling the fundamentals of a potential boom.

I think it’s going to be years before we see new growth cycles in these three cities.

what do you think about that then I completely agree with what Simon said.

There if you look at Heron Tod White’s month in review report it’s also forecasting the same thing call logics been saying the same thing now for the last almost 18 months about these markets Phil Anderson .